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Ch. Pauclare Pot of Gold
Inassicas Music Mellow
Inassican Water Lily
Ch Hot News Mallow Cream
Friendship Classic Tattoo
Tallygold More Brown Sugar
Tallygold Blond is Beautiful
Ch. Sunny Delight's King of Tapdancers
Ch Graceline's Under Resans Gang
Goldline New Feeling
Ch. Goldline's Dancing Queen
Ch. Sunny Delight's Dearest Tiptoer
Shanlimore Falcon
Ch. Inassicas Dunny Delight
Inassican Stephanie
CH. Standfast Augustus
Ch. Siatham Raynor
Mulfield Gypsophila of Slatham
Ch. Jazzman's Da Capo
Ch Beangee Jazzman
Ch Jako's Hope
Ch. Festival's Picante

Lilla Flickan of The Morning Valley

Biggles of the Hellacious Acres
Miray's Dream MC Mnemonic
Game Fair of The Morning VAlley
Ragdoll of The Morning Valley
Int Ch. Lacon Spring Knight
Jane Doe of The Morning Valley
Ch. Flamy Fawn of the Hellacious Acres


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