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      SH Ch Elswood The Highlander
    Stanroph So I Had to Be
      Ch Stanroph So Be It
  Twenty Seven Charm Du Domaine Rives Del'erde
      Goldmarker Meastro Man
    Stanroph Salome
      Stanroph Sea Nymph
Su (u) Ashbury Alsace for Rossmix
      Ch. Paudell Easter Plantegenet at Kerrien
    CH. Paudell Pure Passion  
      Kerrien Forever Bonnie at Paudell
  Ch. Ashbury Real Pleasure
      Styal Santabaloo
    Ashbury Oh Pretty Girl
      Ashbury indy Symphony
      Ch. Standfast Augustus
    Ch. Siatham Raynor
      Mulfield Gypsophila of Siatham
  Ch. Jazzman's Da Capo
      Ch. Beangee Jazzman
    Ch. Jako's hope
      Ch. Festival's Piquante
Lilla Flickan of the Morning Valley      
      Gunhills over the Moon
    Miray's dream MC MNemonic
      Perrimay Harriet
  Ragdoll of the Morning Valley
      Biggles of the Hellacious Acres
    Jane Doe of The Morning Valley  
      Game Fair of The Morning Valley


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