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Ch. Papeta Philosopher
Ch. Erinderry Diamond Edge of Glenavia
Ch. Erinderry Amber of Troyal
Ch. Erinderry Gaelic Minstrel
Ch. Troyal Evening Shadow
Ch. Erinderry Firebird
Galiath Charlie Girl
Ch. Dewmist Silk Screen
Ch. Paudell Easter Plantegenet at Kerrien
Ch. Remmington Rory
Ch. Styal Snowflake of Remmington
Ch. Styal Silksilla
Ch. Klawand Celtic Sun
Styal Scottish Symphonia
Styal Superscotia
Ch. Baengee Jumping Jack Flash
Ch. Taram Du Bois De La Rayere
CH. Alibren Mon Cheri Avec Stanroph
CH. Ashbury Angel Heart
Ch. Paudell Pure Passion
Ashbury Summer Sun
Ch. Ashbury Lovely Lisane
Break of Dawn - Sunshine of my Life
SUCH Okej's Explosive Symfony
NUCh.Such Inassicas Snow Storm
SUCH NUCH Inassicas Snowflake
CH. English Rose of the Morning Valley
Ch. Garbank Lisbone Jackpot
Muirrean of the Morning Valley
Maijik Maid Marian


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